Seismograph - The Mirror

???????, 7 ??????? 2010

Seismograph himself is a dark-ambient based producer from Hungary, who has already proven his talent to us at Limitless Audio with his finest tune " The Roses Of Jericho " or his remix competition winner track called " Neverending Dream ". By the date 1st December 2010 his album entitled " The Mirror " has been released with several extraordinary tracks on it.

The remix of " The Roses Of Jericho " is an album only piece but the " Intro " could be grabbed free of charge at 192 kbps.

Album cover credit goes directly to Lorelei.

As a friend of him I've done some processings on his files before they went live and I truly recommend to have this album listened.

The Mirror Tracklist:
01 Intro (FREE) [01:50]
02 The Tannhauser Gate [07:13]
03 Morning In The Space [06:30]
04 Hallucinogene [06:48]
05 The Rider Of The Apocalypse [07:18]
06 Neverending Dream [07:06]
07 The Mirror [07:12]
08 The Tannhauser Gate Movement I [07:06]
09 Puppets [07:00]
10 Descent [07:08]
11 The Roses Of Jericho [07:14]
12 The Roses Of Jericho (Forced Chillout Remix) (EXCLUSIVE) [06:08]



Get it from HERE.


Zenith LP Sampler

???????????, 1 ?????? 2010

After releasing several singles it was essential to invest into a bigger project which could result as one hard step up the ladder. The idea of a solo album was born ages ago, but I didn't want to release a bunch of tunes together as a collection until the tracks weren't sound like an album but just different tracks in a bundle. I want to give away an excellent debut material from my hands where all of the songs fit into a whole concept.

When I was thinking about the album's title it was quite easy to pick the right one which gives short summary about the whole project, so I just named it to "Zenith". By 1st of November a sampler EP was released exclusively on Juno.

Zenith LP Sampler Tracklist:
01. Addamz - Life [03:36]
02. Addamz - Hopeless Tomorrow [05:28]
03. Addamz - Two Worlds (Noord Edit) [06:36]



Get it from HERE.