Born on New Year’s Eve of 1987, in a little town of the Great Hungarian Plain, Gabor Olah was obsessed only with hanging out his friends and doing scallywag things to the neighborhood at the first time as a kid.

Later,heavily influenced by his elder brother, he started to listen to bands like Guns ‘n Roses, Bad Religion, Offspring, etc. Music simply fascinated him, he began to dig deeper and deeper to feed his hunger and got finally Immortal, Behemoth and Morbid Angel(these are black and death metal bands). He bought a bass guitar, started to practise, and had a few concert in his school with a band even without a name. This time he was only 17 years old.

One year later, one of his neighbours gave him a CD with full of drum and bass mixes (this was Lurker, formerly named Violent Contact). He felt in love at first hearing, he began to make music on his PC immediately. The first “so-called products” were tragic, but he began to work on his mixdowns and broaden his perspective of music. Formerly he tried to follow the neurofunk and darkstep genre, but thanks to Photek, Fanu, Paradox and Source Direct, he was seduced by atmospheres and complex drum-patterns.

Continuosly evolving, nowadays he pays attention to deep, minimal drum and bass and ambient music. However, his passion for dark, extreme metal did not disappeared

Under the name of Batroteph, his music has still no unique sound. There are many things to learn, assimilate and observe.

He is always amazed by the phenomenons of nature, physics and spirituality.

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