My name is Tamas Szabo, but just call me Entryan.

Some time ago in 2000 I started to deal with making music, in the early stage just for entertaining myself. I don’t really know what moved me along that path, this was from my inner urge, the fact that I have to do this. There’s a bunch of years that have spent in learning, and developing my capabilities. This is just continuing still nowadays. There are always something to learn, it does not exist that if someone has learned all the practices of music making. What I’ve learned, was all by myself, there weren’t available any tutorials, or expert teachers for me.

At the very beginning I was composing similar style of music as I am doing it today, but a big love came, drum and bass, and I changed. There were a few good tunes of mine, but it just wasn’t that right. So some kind of a force made me return to the style I’d started from, that resembles to psychadelic ambient, but still feels wholly different. For me this is the perfect way of self expression. Music is the art of arts, in which all the features of painting, sculpture, poetry, even maths can be found. It is the best way for anyone to get an insight to different realities.

I hope that my work would give you a long lasting experience.


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