Frank V. Jensen alias SecondFace

In 1980 I began listening to electronic music (Human League, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Front242 etc.) And I have been interesting in electronic music since. In 1989 I bought my fi rst synth and signed up for some piano lessons. One year later I “suddenly” had a drum-machine and two more synths. By that time me and three friends started a band which we called “noXcuse” ( We played a couple of concerts in Elsingnor in the 90’th.

SecondFace is my solo-project and the songs here are a bit more downtempo and ambient style. I very much like to fi nd a special feeling and a atmosphere in my songs. I am inspired by many different styles of electronic music, ranging from the hard Industrial to the meditation-like NewAge and in my own music I like to have elements from these many styles. It gives a nice contrast between the hard and the soft sounds – and that I think it’s a good effect. Now I want to take my music out, and come out and play some concerts.

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